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For Goglilol!!!

Special Credit for my Dear Friend GOGLILOL! I will remove those From Iftee, IFT, something Awesome will be Added later!! I uploaded this here just to insure my friend, goglilol that, I am keeping my words!!! Stay tuned for something Awesome. And the game Featuring your Characters Are  Coming Soon...

For other's I made this But yours one is Special Cause it's featuring your Characters!
Other's Credits I made


Your work has been featured in a tiny game I made.  Version 1.0.0 is now actively available to play at

If you would like your attribution to appear differently, please let me know, as I intend to do a new version update.



Are you making any other Assets? I saw this one was used by someone so can Please you make another Cute Model And Animation No prob if it won't be free :)

it's not planned at the moment, maybe someday I'll add some more, I'll let you know on my twitter

thanks for the support!

@goglilol, Do I have the permission to use it in my game Commercially. I will give you credits and I am ready to donate if I make a penny. So, Can we have a deal brother?

yes sure

Thank you @gogilol brother!

How do i use this as an animation on unity?

Sorry I don't know

You have to first separate each image or sprite from each spriteSheet, like Jump spriteSheet, Dead SpriteSheet and separate the player's images and import them as player's animation, You can watch Video tutorial in Youtube it will be very helpful


Is it possible to use this asset in a commercial game?

yes just be sure to credit me :)

(and dont forget about me if it becomes the next clash royale)

haha, I doubt it, but I will give it a try.

I used your Asset as well for a Prototype

Thanks for sharing


Thank you for this amazing assets! :D 

i've used them in a little project i'm working on, it's already published in my profile if you would like to see it and again, amazing art! 

Wow great thank you for using them! Right now I can't check your games out but I'll definitly give it a try!! Thank you again :)

Ohhhhhhhh.... This is soooooooooooow cuuuteeeeeeeeee... :D

Thank you a lot I love drawing and animating cute things!!!

These are really great!  You're amazing for giving these away!

Wow thank you, it helps a lot knowing that people liked it! 


Thank you I used some of your assets for a 2D game tutorial on wikiHow! I'll post a link when it is published!

Thank you for using them :) Glad it could be useful for someone else then!

I love these and I'll likely be referring some of my students to consider using these in their summer projects.

thank you! that would be awesome!